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January 12, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Our new club president Walter Starks opened the meeting at 7:11pm.  36 members were in attendance.

Walter welcomed all members both old and new.  Several new bee school attendees were welcomed as well.

Dave Eckert told us that 8 people applied for the 2016 Apprentice Program.  Two great candidates were chosen.  They will be attending bee school and giving a presentation to the club in the fall about their first season keeping bees.

The need for experienced beekeepers at field day at the end of bee school was brought up tying in the introduction of the First Year Clusters.   This group will create the opportunity  to connect beekeepers that have already successfully over wintered at least one hive in NC with newbees. He emphasized how much everyone ends up learning and how much fun it is.  If there is enough interest a monthly field day schedule may be created.  OCBA members could caravan from apiary to apiary in a specific a region and open hives together.

Randall Austin suggested that the OCBA start a study group for those interested in attaining their Master Beekeeper Certification similar to Person County.  A sign up sheet was sent around and there was much interest.   He shared that mentoring a new beekeeper is a great way to get service credits.

Club Treasurer Mary Leonhardi was in attendance collecting dues and selling $2 OCBA patches.

Cynthia Speed mentioned the club hives that will be at Blackwood Farm.  She and Mary will maintain the top bar hive and Cedric Pearce will monitor the Langstroth at this site.  Walter and John Rintoul continue to tend the hives in Carrboro.

At 7:25pm Jenn Temple, paramedic intern at the Carrboro Fire Station 1 was introduced.  She gave a fantastic presentation that clearly demonstrated her passion to educate the community on all things related to health emergency management.

She shared her thoughts on EPI pens and the proper time to use the same.  She could not emphasize enough how important it is to call 911 if there is ever a breathing issue.  The rule of thumb is to always call if you think you need help.  You are not bothering them – they would rather come out and discover all is well than not be called and a serious problem develops.

Jenn also stressed the importance of everyone becoming CPR certified.  It is an important tool that aids in what is called Meaningful Recovery.  The sooner you do CPR on a person the greater chance they have to recover back to their original state.

She also talked about heart attack signs, stroke, seizure disorder, bleeding, broken bones and heat related emergencies.

Jenn finished her presentation and the meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Rogers


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November 12, Meeting Minutes

Chris Apple and Cynthia Speed opened the meeting at 7:09pm.  A record 51 members were present.

Chris addressed the need to elect new club officers. Walter Stark will act as President, John Rintoul: Vice President, Mary Leonhardi will be club Treasurer, Jan Rogers will remain as club secretary. As for Directors, Dave Eckert has one more year to his term, Cedric Pearce has two. Cynthia Woodsong nominated Randall Austin to serve a three year term, Dick Merritt seconded the motion.

Rex Williams was thanked as he finished his three year term and Dick Merritt was thanked for his many years serving as club Treasurer.

Chris and Cynthia recognized the many awards and mentions the club received at the State Fair including the coveted Sweepstakes Award showing that we tallied more points as a club than any other booth which is a reflection of who we are as a group.  The booth itself made second place.

A big thank you went out to Keith Yow and his students at Cedar Ridge Woodshop whose light box and light posts really completed the look for Beeopolis. A donation of $200 will be made to them via their school by the club as a thank you.

Mary and Dick reminded us that all Memberships are due to be renewed in January. The fee remains only $5.00 and you receive all the benefits of the club.

In lieu of a December meeting we will be having an Open House Holiday Gala focusing on fellowship and fun. The club will provide beverages so please bring a finger food and stories to share to this relaxed gathering.

Dave Eckert updated us on the Apprenticeship Program and how he was reaching out to 4H Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Home schoolers and high schoolers. If any OCBA club members know of any 10-18 year olds that you think would be interested please let him know. Applications are due by December 13th.

Chris informed us that the OCBA 8 week Beginner Beekeeping class begins on January 19th.

Chris then invited Andi Bradsher, OCBA’s youngest apprentice, to share a PowerPoint presentation of her first year keeping bees.  She discussed the trials and tribulations she experienced including losing a new hive to a leaky hive top feeder only to have the next hive abscond.  Never the less, she continued on to educate her peers on keeping bees and working with wax.  She even helped with a cut out.  She thanked the club for giving her the opportunity to learn about bees.

Next up was Haylee Borden who also had a fabulous PowerPoint presentation.  She shared with us what she did each month of her first year keeping bees giving much credit to her mentor Dave Eckert.  She shared pictures of her bees and equipment and mentioned some Outreach activities she participated in.

Chris then invited Jeff Lee of Lees Bees up to educate us on migratory beekeeping.  His presentation was both educational and entertaining.  He’s explained why he has two locations (there are not enough bees in Orange County) and that his business is 93% pollination and 7% honey production.  The sheer volume of bees and hives he works with is impressive.  He emphasized the need to keep his bees healthy and fed and that in his case replacing queens at least once a year is important.  Although there are differences between hobbyist and migratory beekeeping, predominately with regard to what is done in the calendar year, Jeff confirmed that we are all on the same team when it comes to caring about the honeybee and appreciating the important role they play in the grand scheme of things.

Jeff finished his presentation at 8:40pm.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Jan Rogers


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October 8, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The meeting began at 7:00pm.

The State Fair Committee created a successful mock set up of the State Fair booth just prior to the member meeting.

Chris Apple and Cynthia Speed encouraged all members to contribute something they have made to the State Fair as we have signed up OCBA for something in all categories.

The Blackwood Farm Farm to Table outreach event has been moved to November 4th and 5th.

David Bailey presented his thoughts on feeding bees over the winter.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Refreshments were provided by Chris Apple.

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September 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Chris Apple started the meeting at 7:05 pm with a reminder for all to do a mite check and treat your hives if needed.

The Introduction to Beekeeping information session  has been cancelled this year. Bee school will commence on Jan 19th and will run for 9 consecutive Tuesdays starting at 7:00pm. The sign up start date will be November 1st. The timing makes this a great Christmas gift idea.

It was asked if anyone had a count indicating no varroa treatment was needed this time of year. Chris and Cynthia W. had a low count in a few hives.

Chris told us that Todd Walker is replacing Lewis Cauble as our regional director for the NC state beekeeping assoc. He acts as a liaison between local chapters and state organizations.

Todd encouraged all to pursue beekeeping certification. He said congratulations to Chris and Cynthia for passing the journeyman exam.

Chris introduced Geneva Greene and Don Hopkins to discuss why OCBA members should be part of the NC State Fair.

Everyone was encouraged to enter something. This adds to our booth points.
You can enter and just pull a no show if need be. Fair committee members can drop off your entries.

The Meeting adjourned at 8:56pm

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August 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Chris and Cynthia opened the meeting at 7:05
• Extractor policy: The extractor policy will be revised for 2016, to address a number of problems that emerged this year.
• State conference: The NC State Beekeepers conference at Lake Junaluska was attended by several OCBA members. Geneva Green was recognized as achieving Master Beekeeper status.
• 2016 conferences: The next state conference will be in New Bern, Feb, 25-27, and the Summer conference will be in Hickory July 7-9.
• 2017 conference: 2017 will be the 100th anniversary of the state beekeepers association, and a special conference is planned to be held in Winston Salem. All clubs are encouraged to do something special for this anniversary conference. OCBA will be putting on our thinking caps about this.
• State Fair Booth: The Fair committee’s theme for this year’s booth is “Bees as Super Heroes, ” and includes our past and present young beekeepers as heroes.
• State Fair competition: All members are strongly encouraged to submit products of the hive to the State Fair this year. OCBA earns points for all entries. Next month’s meeting will focus on how to organize and present fair entries. Individuals should register by Sept. 16 for the various categories. Registration is done online.
• At the September OCBA meeting Geneva Green and Don Hopkins will discuss the various State Fair categories of hive products and provide winning tips.
• Apimondia: The United States is planning to bid to host the Apimondia Worldwide Beekeeping Congress in 2019. OCBA donated $100 to this effort. The state association is matching funds.
• Veterans honey drive: A honey drive to benefit veterans is ongoing. Donations are tax deductible and all proceeds go to Veterans.
• NC License plate: The NC honey bee car license plate drive has thus far been successful and is wending its way through the legislature. Final details will be posted on the website.
• Journeyman: Cynthia Speed and Chris Apple have achieved Journeyman status.
• Wax workshop: A wax workshop will be planned and announced at an upcoming meeting and on the website.
• Shannon Baxter, of Baxter’s Bees gave a talk and demonstration on how to work with wax to create useful and beautiful products of the hive. She demonstrated a combination of solar technology to render wax, and an induction hotplate to melt wax to the temperatures needed for candles, cosmetics, etc. Shannon described a range of uses for the funky brown wax-moth hive-beetle stuff that we might otherwise throw away (e.g., lubricating squeaky door hinges, protecting blades on garden tools doors), shared a number of tips (e.g., using pre-waxed hemp wicks, using a blow dryer to remove bubbles from molded products), and promoted the use of silicone products for a range of wax molding needs. In addition to selling candles, cosmetics, and other finished wax products, Shannon noted that artists are a market for plain beeswax, and farriers will buy dirty wax. She encouraged everyone to visit her website ( for more information and tips. Finally, as president of the Five County Beekeeper’s Association, Shannon invited us all to their September 20th pig picking. Details forthcoming on the website.

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