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February 12 Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2015. Meeting Minutes

OCBA meeting minutes – February 12, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by co-presidents Chris Apple and Cynthia Speed.

1. All club members with at least one year of beekeeping experience were encouraged to become a part of the OCBA mentor program. Beekeeping offers all of us, both new and experienced beekeepers alike, challenges. If you are just starting out in the craft of beekeeping, having a mentor to call upon from time to time may be all that is needed to build your confidence and expertise. If you are interested in being matched with a mentor, contact Cynthia Speed to sign up.
2. Chris Apple introduced Sandy Carlson of Franklin County Beekeepers. She explained that the Franklin County Beekeepers Association (FCBA) has designed a North Carolina specialty license plate in an effort to bring more awareness to the plight of our state insect, the honey bee. The proposed plate is based on the “First in Flight” plate and a honey bee logo appears on the left hand side of the plate. DMV requires 300 pre-paid applications before it will consider the initial plate application. They have currently have 217 applications and in an effort to make this fourth attempt for this specialty plate a success she is asking for us to get plates for every car in our household. All applications need to be submitted before the end of this month.

Jennifer Keller, NCSU technician and beekeeper extraordinaire was the speaker for the evening offering a presentation on Making Spring Splits.

Following the presentation, Chris Apple asked who had a chance to open their hives during last Sunday’s very warm day. Geneva saw lots of brood and some gray/green pollen. Jamie saw pollen and drone cells right next to brood and John noticed a couple of drones walking around. Members then enjoyed fellowship and refreshments. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Jan Rogers

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November 13 Meeting Minutes

OCBA meeting minutes -November 13, 2014 7:00 pm

The meeting was called to order by co-presidents Chris Apple and Cynthia Speed. A number of announcements were made.
1. Introduction to Beekeeping, a three hour course, was held last Saturday, November 8 and led by Geneva Green. There were about 15 participants.
2. There are two new young people to mentor in the coming season: 13 y.o. Haley Borden and Andi Bradsher, 9 y.o.
3. Bee School will begin on Tuesday, January 13, and will run for ten weeks. Todd Walker and Randall Austin will run it this year. Cost is $70/single. It includes two field days, February 7 and March 13.
4. Chris A told the group that Wattie Bowes has suffered a stroke which has affected language, but he is recovering.
5. Lynette Fee, who was not present, is a “Global Connections” representative. You can see her if you have honey for sell.
6. Chris and Cynthia presented a slate of officers for the coming year:
Co-presendents: Chris Apple and Cynthia Speed
Vice Presendent: Cynthia Windsong
Secretary: Jan Rogers
Treasurer: Dick Merritt with understudy, Mary Leonardi
1 year Director: Rex Williams
2 year Director: Cedric Pearce
3 year Director: Dave Eckert
Mark Powers made a motion to accept the slate as presented; ‘Lizabeth Collins seconded the motion. The motion passed with a majority of votes.
7. Lewis has pledge forms for NCSU apiary research. He announced the the Spring Bee meeting will be held in Monroe, NC, on February 5. Check the web site for more information. Summer meeting may be Lake Junaluska.

Tonight’s presenters are Mark Powers of Honey Ale, Diane of Honey Girl Meadery, and Rim Vigalys of Spiced Honey Liquor. Members participated in tasting and hearing about these fine products.
Following the presentation, members enjoyed fellowship and refreshments. Then the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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October 28 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

OCBA executive meeting minutes, October 28, 2014 7:00 pm

1. Present were ‘Lizabeth Collins, Chris Apple, Cynthia Speed, Cedric Pearce, Chris Richmond, and Rex Williams. Not present was Dick Merritt.
2. Chris A. announced that she and Cynthia will continue on as co-presidents as it has proved impossible to find someone to step up. However, they will share the duties of President and VP with Cynthia Windsong. Jan will take over as Secretary, and Mary Leonardi will understudy Dick as Treasurer. Dave Eckard will be on the slate as the new 3 year director; Cedric will complete 2 years and Rex has one more year to serve as director.
3. Next Chris A. r2eported that she has been working with Matthew, President of the Durham chapter, regarding hosting the State Bee meeting in 2016. The difficulty seems to be in finding an affordable location that is large enough. NCCU may be an option, but we may have to push back to hosting the 2017 meeting.
4. Also Chris A. asked for ideas for reaching out to youth for mentorships. The high schools didn’t pan out, and there are no new 4-Hers interested this year. Suggested were Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and tapping Molly and Logan for ideas and contacts.
5. There followed a discussion about speakers for future OCBA meetings. Suggestions were made.
6. As there was no financial information to review, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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September Meeting Minutes

OCBA meeting minutes, September 11, 2014 7:00 pm

The meeting was called to order by co-presidents Chris Apple and Cynthia Speed. A number of announcements were made.
1. Volunteers are needed to sign up for refreshments for October and November.
2. Mary reported that the State Fair Committee has met and decided on the theme, “Bee Friends and Bee Foes,” for the educational exhibit. If you are interested in helping to plan the booth, or in helping set up the booth on October 15th, or in adding your bee products to the booth, contact Chris A. All members are encouraged to go online to view the list of items you can enter and the process for submission.
3. Lucy, manager of the Pollinator Garden at the Visitor’s Center in Hillsborough, announced that there will be a workday in October to divide and move some plants in that garden. Let her know if you’d like to help.
4. Also Chris A. mentioned that she and Cynthia are writing a proposal to place a live hive at the Visitor’s Center.
5. The new extractor policy has been posted on the website. Everyone should become familiar with it before next season. Meanwhile Chris A. is attempting to track down the club’s extractor. Please let her know where it is.
6. Cynthia announced that a Carrboro location has been found for placement of a demonstration hive. The site is on the corner of Old Pittsboro Road and Daffadil Lane. It is a meadow with a nearby stream, and belongs to a non-beekeeper, so volunteers will be needed to care for the hive(s).
7. Lewis plans to offer t-shirts when Bee School begins in January. Bee School will begin January 13, 2015, and Todd Walker and Randall Austin will co-direct
8. A news article—an interview with Chris Apple—appeared in the September 3, 2014 issue of the News of Orange County. ‘Lizabeth has a copy for the files.
9. Facebook is not a one-person job, reported Marissa. She will post directions for accessing the OCBA Facebook page on our webpage.
10. Oct. 2-3 is the “Farm to Table” field trip for 2nd graders. If you wish to volunteer, contact Chris A.
11. David Bailey will have a bee display table at the new Tractor Supply store from 9-2 on October 20, and he invited OCBA to set up a table, too.
12. Geneva Green will once again present an Introduction to Beekeeping at the church on November 8th.
13. Adolphus Leonard, State Inspector in the eastern district, will present Wintering your Bees at the October meeting.
14. Don Hopkins brought the sign-up sheets for volunteering at the bee exhibit during the NC State Fair.

Tonight’s speaker is Todd Warner, of Carolina Bees Company. He discussed “certified naturally grown”, and compared it to certified organically grown.
Following the presentation, members enjoyed fellowship and refreshments. Then the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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August 2014 meeting minutes

OCBA meeting minutes,August 14, 2014   7:00  pm


  1. Co-presidents Chris Apple and Cynthia Sneed greeted members and guests, and discussed the State Summer meeting.  She mentioned meeting Dr. Von Bryant, a presenter from the Univ. of Texas, who discussed how beekeepers can identify what types of honey their bees are producing by identifying the pollen in the honey.  Chris A announced that Dr. Bryant will be coming to NC again to teach this procedure.
  2. Cynthia passed out index cards and pens, and made a plea for members to write down the names of members who would be good officers for the club.  Next year we will need a new president, vice president, and a new 3-year director.
  3. Lewis will order t-shirts if there are a dozen folks interested now, but he’d rather wait until cooler weather and people are perhaps interested in ordering long-sleeved shirts.
  4. The listserv is jumping with questions and answers and suggestions.  Marissa Raveria is working on our Facebook site and she will speak about it in September.
  5. NC State Fair will begin in October.  Chris A asked everyone to think about entering something in it, and encouraged all to go online to view the list of items and process for submission.  She asked to be notified if products could be used in our booth.  Also those interested in helping Mary with the booth, contact Chris A or Cynthia.
  6. At the September meeting, Todd Warner of Carolina Bees will present on Certified Naturally Grown Beekeeping.  Check on line if you are interested in the process.
  7. Dick read aloud the letter of acknowledgement the club received for its donation of $2500 to NCSU’s Apiary Research.  Cynthia also mentioned requesting coverage in the local newspaper.
  8. Chris A announced the purchase of $200+ worth of books about beekeeping which will be donated to Hillsborough’s Orange County Library.
  9. Wattie announced that there will soon be a newly revised  policy for the use of the club’s extractor posted on the website soon.  This will include pictures of all the various parts and pieces that make up the equipment, and a checklist to be signed off by the last person to use it and the next person to use it.  Dick reminded all that there is a $10 fee, which entitles the user for four days of the equipment, payable to the club.
  10. Chris A announced that the search for private property on which to locate a storage shed owned by the club has been successful.  John Fredrick offered but his property is a little far; Cheryl Myers has also offered space.
  11. Chris A reminded members of the two hives placed at the church as practice hives; only one is active this year and the family formerly caring for it can not continue to do so.  She asked the membership what they thought of the idea of relocating the hive to Gold Park and adding a smaller nuc at the Pollinator Garden at the Visitor’s Center in Hillsborough.  There was a discussion about other sites in Orange County where it might be feasible to place a hive for educating the public.  If you have suggestions, email to Chris A or Cynthia.
  12. Next Chris A suggested that the club, in conjunction with Durham and perhaps Person or Chatham, host the summer meeting in 2016. This would require a large venue and a lot of careful planning.  Email her your thoughts and ideas.
  13. Chris A and Cynthia are working to update the website.
  14. Thanks were given to David Bailey for donating a cold knife for use with the extractor.
  15. Chris A announced volunteers will be needed for Farm to Table.  She worked this last year and enjoyed meeting lots of fourth graders.  It will be held on a farm on Hwy 86 S on Oct. 2 & 3, a Thursday/Friday.  Let her know if you can participate.
  16. Kendal Clark is a Cedar Grove student beekeeper under our 4-H mentor program.  He spoke a few minutes about his experiences this spring and summer with his hives.
  17. Tonight’s speaker is Master Beekeeper Lewis Cauble.  Before he could begin, Chris A and Cynthia presented him with a “MBA” t-shirt and a special varroa cake.  Lewis presentation was full of useful information about IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and the six registered mitacides in NC>

Following the presentation, fellowship and refreshments, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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