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April 2014 meeting minutes


OCBA meeting minutes, April 9, 2014   7:00  pm

1.      Co-presidents Chris Apple and Cynthia Steed welcomed members and guests.  She announced that the speaker for tonight would be delayed due to a fender-bender. Meanwhile Cynthia handed out raffle tickets for a door prize.

2.      Chris A. reported that Chris Richmond, who was assisting the speaker, has received calls about swarms including one at dinner.

3.      Rex reported that Outreach has received no new requests since March.

4.      Cynthia invited members to share stories about installing packages this spring.

5.      Lewis arrived to deliver OCBA t shirts in the lobby.

6.      Next, Mary, head of the OCBA State Fair committee, invited members to think how we can educate the public about bees at the booth.  She welcomes your ideas for the booth or activities.  One thing she’d like to see is live plants that bees love.  Contact her; she’s looking for ideas and volunteers.

7.      Chris A. reminded members that a Facebook account had been set up for the club, but a volunteer is needed to update the account.  Rissa volunteered to do that.

8.      Becky from Starrlight Mead was introduced and thanked for handing out samples of mead.

9.      Dick has State membership cards to hand out, and the attendance roster needs to be checked off as you leave tonight.  If you haven’t joined, it isn’t too late.

10.   Chris A.  asked the club if there was any interest in making donations of books about bees to the local library.  Interest was high.

11.   She announced that the State meeting would be in July and that the club will not meet in July.  She encouraged members to attend the State meeting instead.

12.   Todd introduced the newest 4-H partner, Kendall Clark, and checked with other 4-H members present about activity in their hives.

13.   David Bailey announced that his store will help to sponsor National Honey Day, August 16th,  with special activities.  He invited OCBA to become involved.

Cynthia introduced Zander Kent, a young man with no prior beekeeping experience, whose job was to teach Gambians how to keep top bar hives with African bees.  Zander, an enthusiastic speaker, presented “Beekeeping in the Gambia”, an intriguing slideshow. Following the presentation, club members enjoyed refreshments and fellowship.  Then the meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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March meeting minutes


OCBA meeting minutes-, March 13, 2014  7:00  pm

1.      Co-presidents Chris Apple and Cynthia Steed welcomed members and guests.  Chris was enthusiastic as the February meeting was cancelled due to wintry weather.  She also mentioned the spring meeting in Wilmington.  Tuesday, March 18, members can take the written test for certification here at 7:00 pm.  In order to be certified, one must also be put through the paces in a field test.  Bee School field day will be March 15 and volunteers are needed to help.

2.      Chris Apple called on Lewis who showed us pictures of two designs for an Orange County Bee Association t-shirt.  After members agreed on the design, Lewis offered to post ordering information and send it to the list serve.

3.      Chris Richmond reported that ten folks had responded to his call for swarm patrol members.  If you are interested, please respond to him.

4.      Lucy pointed out that there is a sign-up sheet for volunteers to maintain the Pollinator Garden.  She will also send an email request.

5.      Rex reported that he had presented at Counter Culture Coffee recently, and introduced Brian from that business.  In the next month or so, Chris Richmond will give a presentation at Durham Tech and Molly (4-H beekeeper) will present in April.

6.      Dick has State membership cards to hand out, and the attendance roster needs to be checked off as you leave tonight.  If you haven’t joined, it isn’t too late.

7.      David Bailey announced that bee packages are scheduled to arrive April 19 at his Hillsborough store.  There are a few packages left, if you need to order.

8.      Chris Apple mentioned upcoming speakers for May (bee inspector) and June (Todd Walker, photographing bees.  She encouraged members to think about the State Fair Booth design for this year, and to contact Mary Leonarde.

9.      Lewis fielded a question about when to make a split from a member new to the South (during the honey flow, about two weeks before April 25 when tulip poplars are expected to begin blooming).

10.   Cynthia introduced Dr. John Ambrose, professor at NCSU, who created the Master Beekeeping program in NC.  He presented “Insects and People”, a very entertaining talk with slideshow about how bees created civilization. 

11.   Club members enjoyed refreshments and fellowship.  Then the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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January ’14 Meeting Minutes

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December Meeting Minutes, 12-12-13


OCBA meeting minutes-December 12, 2013  6:00  pm

1.      Geneva welcomed members and guests.  She expressed her thanks for the great year and reviewed it by recognizing club members with Volunteer Awards. In Outreach: Amy Porter, Brennan Stout, Cheryl Kozel, Chris Richmond, Christine Apple, Colin Stout, Connie Gaudette, David Eckert, Fred Fesel, John Harrell, Liz Lindsey, Logan Kroothoep, Lucy Wilson, Mike Stanley, Molly Carlson, Peter Stout, Randall Austin, Rex Williams, Serena Reavis, Toni Fesel, and Watty Bowes.  She also recognized the officers and directors: Todd Walker, Dick Merritt, ‘Lizabeth Collins, Chris Richmond, and Rex Williams.  Those recognized for Special Projects were Lewis Cauble: Joint Summer Field Day; David Eckert: Honey Extraction Workshop; Lucy Wilson: Pollinator Garden coordinator; Todd Walker: 4-H Program, Bee School and Swarms; Chris Apple, Cynthia Steed, John Harrell,  and Mary Leonhardi:  State Fair.  She recognized Dick Merritt and ‘Lizabeth Collins for Long Time Service, Randall Austin as Listserv Advisor Extraordinaire, Rex Williams for Coordinating Outreach, and Logan Kroothoep as Best Club Representative. 

2.      Logan shared a power point presentation on his story as a beekeeper.

3.      Club members enjoyed a festive potluck meal and a slideshow of photos from the year’s activities.  The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

‘Lizabeth B. Collins

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November 2014 minutes


OCBA meeting minutes-November 14, 2013  7:00 pm

1.      Geneva welcomed members and guests. 

2.      She thanked Cynthia and Chris, State Fair Gurus, for their amazing work on the club’s booth this year.  She also mentioned David Bailey’s gift basket, Todd Walker’s blue ribbon in extracted light honey, 5th place to John Harrell for an amazing photo of a recessive gene (he has drones with white eyes, a youth’s 2nd place for a coloring book which also won Best in Show, Logan’s 2nd place in senior photography beating out Todd’s 3rd place in the same category, Logan also took a blue ribbon for his Honey Baked Cookies.

3.      Geneva reminded the club members that the December meeting would be a Potluck Meal and begins at 6 pm

4.      Club thanked Geneva for her work with this year’s Intro. To Beekeeping course.  She reported that the highlight of the day was the participation in the waggle dance!  The ten week Bee School begins in January; registration is up on the website.

5.      Dick’s treasury report listed a total of $8,400.  The club is in good shape, partially due to the money coming in from grants (Golden Achievement) and State Fair awards.

6.      Before holding elections, Geneva spoke of how the club is completely run by volunteers.  No matter what is needed, someone always steps up to the plate and accepts the responsibility to cover all the meetings, activities, and events that need to be held.  Although she opened the floor for nominations for the position of 3 year Director, she also asked if there were any volunteers for the position.  Cedric Pearce stepped up and volunteered for the position.  The two remaining positions open for 2014 are for President and Vice President.  After some discussion of titles, Chris Apple and Cynthia Speed volunteered to serve together.  The club enthusiastically approved the candidates for all offices.

7.      Watty voiced the club’s appreciation to Geneva for her service this year as President.

8.      Geneva made a motion that the club sponsor two new 4-H-ers in the coming year.  This sponsorship would cost approximately $1,000 to set each up.  The club passed the motion.

Randall Austin, Master Beekeeper, was introducted to present “NinJa Wars: A Death of a Thousand Cuts (or How Varroa Mites are Killing Your Bees)”.  Randall adroitly pointed out that varroa destructor are similar to ninjas—they are unseen and unheard, they are stealthy, they are well-trained (good at what they do), and they are deadly.  We have over 18 different ninja viruses in our hives.  Some are familiar, such as Deformed Wing Virus and Sac Brood Virus; others are less familiar, such as Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus, Black Queen Cell Virus, and Kashmir Bee Virus (Randall looked for a bee wearing a sweater to illustrate this slide).  What can we do about the ninja viruses?  Antibiotics don’t work against viruses, but beekeepers can reduce the mite pressure in the hives, keep hives strong and healthy, and re-queen if needed.  Randall also suggested reading articles on  He answered questions following the slideshow.  The meeting was adjourned and members and guests enjoyed refreshments and fellowship.

Respectfully submitted,

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