Holiday Party Silent Auction

Auction opens on December 1, 2021.

Auction closes on December 9, 2021 at 7:15pm EST during the holiday party.

All proceeds go to the NC State Apiculture Program.  Winning bidders will pick up auction items at Bailey Bee Supply in Hillsborough, NC following the auction starting Tuesday 12/14/2021 (or after confirmation of payment).   Large items, used bee equipment, and items that cannot be picked up by December 23, please contact kenneth123456 at  Items are for local pickup only–no shipping.

long Langstroth hive
Ended at: 40 days 8 hours 38 minutes 56 seconds ago
$325.00 USD

This auction has been sold to Barbara McFadyen at $325.00 USD.
Donation by Bailey’s Bees.  This is a long Langstroth live with the following equipment:
  • Hive-stand with frame holder in front
  • Deep hive body holds 18 deep frames
  • Follower board
  • Slat racks
  • 2 – 8 frame inner covers
  • 1 – 1 gal frame feeder
  • Built in entrance reducer
  • 40% screen 60% solid bottom
  • Telescoping top
  • Designed to allow for 2 8 frame honey supers