OCBA April Meeting

On April 9th at 7PM, Anya McGuirk will present “Monitoring the SAS Hives: Lessons Learned”.  SAS is currently monitoring hive weight, internal temperature and humidity, acoustics, and bee activity using computer vision.  The goal of the SAS project is to demonstrate SAS analytics and real-time alerts on streaming data—at the edge (at the hive).  Anya will share some of their learnings thus far.

Anya McGuirk is a Distinguished Research Statistician in the Internet of Things R&D Division at SAS. She joined SAS and moved to NC in September 2004. Prior to that, Anya was a Full professor at Virginia Tech with a joint appointment in the Departments of Agricultural and Applied Economics, and Statistics.  Anya received her Ph.D. from Cornell University in Agricultural Economics and her MSc. from University of Reading (England) where she studied as a Marshall Scholar.  Anya was raised on a large farm in Bel Air, Maryland with her 14 siblings.  Currently she lives on a small farm in Holy Springs, NC  where she gardens and hangs out with her bees and dogs, nerding out on bee data. 

If you’d like to attend the meeting, send an e-mail to cdonley33 at gmail.com and Carrie will send you the link. (We’re working on controlling zoombombing-this is a work in progress. We’re all good people and can figure this out. If you’re stuck on the technology, let Carrie or Jessica know, or ask the list serve/google group/gossip email thingy, and we’ll work you through it.-Jessica)

Let me know if you have questions, and I hope you can join the meeting now that it’s on zoom!