February 2021 Meeting

Join us for our February meeting when State Inspector Nancy Ruppert will share wisdom about swarms, swarm prevention and how to manage your apiary to meet your beekeeping goals.  We’ll meet on zoom Thursday February 11th at 7PM.  For zoom information e-mail cdonley33 @ gmail.com.

Nancy has been a state inspector for several years and if you have been to NCSBA conferences, you have seen her on stage with the other inspectors sharing her experiences from many inspections. At the February meeting she will be discussing swarms, swarm prevention and what you can do not to minimize loss and maintain healthy and vibrant colonies.  Her photos will illustrate the principles of prevention such as making splits and removing queen cells. She will also include a few things that a beekeeper can do if they miss the boat on primary prevention measures, to maximize the benefits of capturing a swarm without the life-threatening process of climbing a 40-foot tree (or climbing a 20-foot ladder to get a swarm that’s high up in a 40-foot tree). Join us for a lively talk followed by Q and A.